Article Submissions If you are looking for large amounts of exposure then our article submission service is what you need. To search out the best rated, most relevant article directories, to create good articles and submit them is hard, time consuming work.

Instead let our highly qualified writers do the work for you, first writing the articles with information that is related to your business, and targeting them at the niche market that is most likely to be interested. These articles show only the most positive aspects of your business, to encourage readers to follow the link back to your website. They are then entered into numerous directories that themselves have a high page rank (PR)-meaning that they appear high in search ratings, and so when your articles are matched to search engine results, they too will appear in the higher returns.

We will also submit articles written by you, but our writers have a great deal of experience at providing content with the ideal keyword density to ensure that your site is highly matched to search results. Entries are made by hand so that they end up in the right category, to best match your articles to search results, optimizing the traffic sent to your site to maximize sales.

Benefits & Features of Article Submissions

  • Generate valuable one way links from top rated article directory sites that do not require reciprocal link exchanges
  • Human entries only-no automation is ever used so you can be sure that your articles are in the best matched category
  • Each article creates two or three links that appear in the author resource box, giving long lasting targeted links back to your site
  • Each article not only reaches a large numbers of readers, but also help increase traffic to your site and your companies online reputation
  • A report will be issued upon completion of your project which has a complete break down of all the sites submitted to and username and passwords for each account.
  • This effective search engine optimization technique is highly desirable because of its ability to send targeted traffic to your site as well as increase search rankings
  • Never automated each article is always hand submitted to only the best article directories
  • Accounts for submission are registered and verified as working before ensuring highest possible acceptance rate
  • Once articles are submitted they can be rewritten to utilizes new titles & resubmitted. This will ensure that search engines view them as unique
  • The professional writers on our team are knowledgeable in the rules for the article directories, ensuring your articles arrive in the correct category and are accepted for publication

Article Submission Packages

Article Submission Services
Article Submission 50 100 300 500
Free Article Writing No No 1 2
Links Per Article / Author Box 1 2 3 3
Free 20 Social Bookmarking No No included included
Free Keyword Position Report No No included included
Manual Submission included included included included
Submission Time included included included included
Detailed Submission Report included included included included
Price Per Submission $0.50 $0.40 $0.30 $0.28
Total Price $25 $40 $90 $140

Our Process for Submitting Articles

The process all begins when you become our customer by ordering a five hundred word article. The writing is completed by circle of writers in a way that both promotes your business by using motivating content that is also relevant, whilst targeting the article at the audience who is most likely to respond. Once it is ready, the team open a new email account with either Yahoo or Gmail which will be associated with your project.

A new account for article submission will be created for each of the article directories, using this email account. Articles are then individually entered by hand to the category that best matches your business niche. Should you choose to create accounts at these directories yourself, we can still handle the article entry for you.

In summary, our services to you include the writing of your article, creation of an exclusive email account and associated accounts at the article directories, validating all accounts, and submission of your article by using these. Lastly, we hand the email account back to you, so that you are able to access the directories.

Every article submitted will contain a resource box, and this is where the link back to your website will be. These are valuable, high quality links that point visitors to your website, that guarantee you an increase in your website’s page rank, and therefore your position in search engine results.

Because every article directory uses different guidelines for accepting articles, it can be a difficult task submitting your work to them. Our specialist team has the experience and the proven record to show that they can get this done on your behalf, and can do it competitively and with a great deal of flair. Thanks to the heavy research that goes into producing the articles that you order, you know that your readers will get an informative, high quality article to enjoy.