Blog Comment Links Many people choose to keep a blog-a web log of their personal publications. This may be commentary on current political or work based issues, or may be more like a diary, and images and links can be included in your entries. Comments can be left by visitors on the particular entries that catch their interest, and may lead to lively discussion between readers.

This is one of the intentions of our blog comments packages-to encourage this kind of discussion between readers. The comments may be indexed by search engines and so become searchable, allowing your blog to be found when it matches search terms that are entered, so bringing in visitors who are specifically interested in the topic you are discussing.

The power of blog comments is increased when a link is included in either the comment, or the signature, and the more popular the blog is, the more valuable those links back to your site become. Between the powerful advertising given by word of mouth, the increased search engine visibility and the chance to build links back to your site, blog comments can be an incredibly powerful tool. And we can help you with all of this, all whilst you are concentrating on building your business brand.

Benefits of Blog Comment Links

  • Get high PR links from some of the most popular blogs on the internet, greatly increasing your websites search ranking.
  • Drives targeted referral traffic to your website when visitors read your comment and click on the link.
  • Visitors are attracted to your site by the quality and usefulness of the comments that are submitted.
  • The traffic generated from the links is targeted to your niche, by commenting to the correctly matched blogs.
  • All links are created are permanent, and require no reciprocal arrangement.
  • Personally completed entries to a variety of sites – no automation is ever used.
  • Helps your website popularity by increasing your online exposure.
  • Allows internet users a way to find your site, without using a search engine.
  • A report is issued to you, listing the links to forum posts made and includes the login information used.
  • Inexpensive packages designed to fit within your budget, and create a great return on your investment.

Monthly Blog Comment Links Packages

Blog Commenting Services
Blog Comments 50 100 200 500
Free Keyword Position Report No No included included
Manual Submission included included included included
Detailed Submission Report included included included included
Submission Time 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days 20 Days
Price Per Submission $1.50 $1.48 $1.44 $1.30
Total Price $75 $148 $288 $650

Our Process for Submitting Blog Comments

The first step is yours-ordering a blog commenting service from us. The team of professional writers visit your posts and make on topic comments, using only the highest standards in written English. Anchor texts-that is links that are attached to text-are included.

Only relevant blogs are chosen to post comments on, to ensure that the people who see them will be interested in your site before the links back to your site are created. No reciprocal links are ever needed.

The professional writers assigned to leave comments have excellent writing and communication skills and are able to create comments that will raise interest in your site. Comments are made manually to ensure that they are relevant and on topic and that they are placed in reply to the correct blog. URLs can also be posted in the signature that you sign the comments with for more inconspicuous advertising.