Website Optimization Code optimization aims to increase the visibility of the page to the search engines. It encourages indexing, so that when a user enters a search term that matches your page, your page can be returned in the results list. A well optimized page will draw in more visitors, and therefore have a greater return on investment than a page that has not undergone this work.

Though external tools for search engine optimization are important, the first step taken should always be to make sure that your pages are optimized and filled with good content. Carefully chosen keywords, at a suitable density within the text make a great deal of difference to the page visibility, and page load times make a great deal of difference to the user experience. A frustrated visitor is less likely to want to shop with you. Our search engine optimization and content creation team can work together to make sure that your pages have both content, and SEO tools in place.

Benefits of Code Optimization Services

  • Content is of high importance for marketing your business, and we aim to give you the ideal balance of keyword density with informative, flowing content
  • Keywords are added to Title, meta and other HTML tags ensuring your website is optimized to for search engines and web standards
  • Page exposure on the world wide web is increased by frequent updates that encourage indexing by the major search engines
  • Images are optimized by correctly tagging them with relevant and effective keywords, making them searchable by world wide web users
  • Back links to your site are matched with keyword rich anchor text to ensure the most relevant traffic reaches your site
  • Potential page keywords for your niche are researched and the most effective keywords are chosen
  • Page rank within the search engine results pages are increased
  • Links that are relevant to the content in question are embedded within the page
  • Images are optimized to reduce page load times to a minimum without detracting from the quality of your website
  • Pages and links use the same keywords to help permanently boost your page rank for the targeted terms

Code Optimization Packages

Code Optimization Services
Total Pages Optimized 5 10 20 40
Page Titles and Headings included included included included
Meta Description & Keywords included included included included
Keyword & Content Optimization Br included included included included
Robot.txt Creation included included included included
Boken Links Fixed included included included included
Image Alt Tags & Titles included included included included
Cross Browser Compatibility included included included included
Link Structure Optimization included included included included
URL Mode Re-Write included included included included
Google Analytic Setup included included included included
Price Per Page Optimized $25 $22 $20 $18
Total Price $125 $220 $400 $720

Our Process for Website Code Optimization

Title Optimization: Your titles are important not only to the reader but to the search engines too. To compete adequately with the others in your niche you need to be the one with the best matched search engine term. Optimizing titles with effective and relevant keywords is the way that we help you do this.

Meta Tags Optimization: There was a time when meta tags carried a great deal of importance, and though those days are gone, this feature can still be of use. If two sites rank equally in all else, and only one has correctly used it’s meta tags, it is this that will present first. We never forget this simple step.

Usage of HTML Tags: The SEO team is very able with it comes to their knowledge of HTML tags. Similar importance is placed on the use of header tags as the search engines themselves give to these, and all potential tags are used where possible.

Keyword and Content Optimization: Keywords and content are both important. Keywords at the appropriate density throughout the article will help bring visitors in, but it is the quality of the content that will encourage them to visit your website, or to buy your products. These two techniques should work hand in hand to increase your rank on the search engine result pages.

Link Optimization: With the ability for links back to your site (especially those that are attached to keyword anchor text) to drive unique and repeat visitors to your business, their importance is high. Our team offers a chance to make sure that your links are working as hard for you as they can do.

Image and Video Optimization: Images on your website can be a great way to pull in visitors, but only if they are tagged in such a way that they are searchable. Help is available in applying appropriate tags to your image files and also videos. Quality issues can also be addressed, and balanced against the need for reducing bandwidth usage.