Social Bookmarking Building forum links is an important tool in the efforts that a webmaster may use in the search engine optimization (SEO) of their site. SEO is a necessary step that must be taken to increase both the unique and the return traffic to your site, which is the only way to maximize the sales that your make. Forum link building is one of many techniques that help to increase the visibility of a site.

There are a number of unique considerations of this technique when compared to others, some of which are responsible for it bringing in more traffic than other, similar SEO methods. Firstly, the interaction with other members can attract attention for your site, when the posts that you make are helpful. Secondly, the fact that forums are controlled by a moderation team means that you have to interact normally with other members or your posts may be deleted as spam, and this leads to the final factor. The need to appear nature slows the rate at which posts can be made-leading to a slow, natural building of links. Larger, busier forums are indexed frequently by search engines and so your links will be quickly picked up.

Benefits of Forum Link Building

  • Posting on forums creates links back to your site, an important tool in search engine optimization.
  • Busy forums often carry a high page rank, making the links back to you high quality that will help increase your own page rank.
  • Visitors are attracted to your site by the quality and usefulness of the posts that are submitted.
  • The traffic generated is targeted to your niche, by posting to the correctly matched forums.
  • All links are created are permanent, and require no reciprocal arrangement.
  • Personally completed entries to a variety of sites – no automation is ever used.
  • Helps your popularity increase in the sites by increasing online exposure.
  • Allows internet users a way to find your site, without using a search engine.
  • A report is issued to you, listing the links to forum posts made and includes the login information used.
  • Inexpensive packages designed to fit within your budget, and create a great return on your investment.

Monthly Forum Link Building Packages

Forum Link Submission Services
Total Forum Links 100 300 500 1000
DoFollow Submission included included
Multiple User Accounts included included included included
Free Keyword Position Report No included included included
Manual Posting included included included included
Link Guarantee Period (in months) 1 3 6 6
Submission Time 8 Days 12 Days 15 Days 30 Days
Price Per Submission $1.78 $1.72 $1.66 $1.48
Total Price $178 $516 $830 $1480

Our Process for Submitting Forum Links

Our writers register as members on your forum before beginning to post as though a normal member. New threads and replies to member and writer posts are made, encouraging interaction and an increase in activity. Active forums are more likely to attract new members, and the new post content will attract search engine attention as they visit to index it. Not to mention the fact that the links back to your business site will steadily grow.

Only writers with the best writing ability, who have correct spelling and grammar work as a part of our team, and there is no automation of posts. This ensures that all posts are on topic for where they are posted, and made at a natural pace by people who know the subject on which they are posting.

Between the increased search engine exposure and the resultant increase in traffic to your site, you can be sure that you will see a good return on the investment that you make when purchasing a forum link building package.