Keyword Research & Analysis Keyword research is an important aspect of search engine optimization for it allows you to choose effective keywords that will allow you to capture the largest portion of the available traffic for your niche. If incorrectly done, or not done at all you will be missing out on an important way to capture potential traffic. The results of your research must then be acted upon to increase your website visibility, thus driving up your return on investment from the project.

Keyword research analysis is not a lay subject, but one requiring a great deal of experience if you are to get it right. Our professional team has the experience that you need to conduct a keyword effective index analysis and will generate a detailed report that shows you which keywords would work best for you. Remember that no matter how beautiful or functional a website you have, without search engine optimization it may fail to attract any visitors to see just how good it is.

Benefits of Keyword Research

  • In depth keyword research and analysis for your website niche and your companies industry
  • A detailed report, containing a keyword effectiveness index analysis to help guide your keyword choices
  • Large increases in profit can be realized over the long term, improving your return on investment
  • Your highly rated back links will be long lasting to give a permanent boost to your search rankings
  • An ably chosen list of keywords to encourage an increase in visitors to your site will be produced by our skilled team.
  • A comprehensive report is issued to you showing all the details including the level of competition and monthly search volume

Keyword Research Packages

Keyword Research Services
Total Number of Keywords 100 250 500 1000
Monthly Search Volume included included included included
Competition Analysis included included included included
# Websites With Same Keyword included included included included
Inbound Link Analysis included included included included
Page Rank Analysis included included included included
Average Cost Per Click included included included included
Detailed Submission Report included included included included
Local & Global Search Volume included included included included
Time To Research 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days 14 Days
Price Per Keyword Researched $0.50 $0.36 $0.34 $0.24
Total Price $50 $90 $170 $240

Our Process for Keyword Research & Analysis

The professional, experienced SEO specialists in our company first learn about your website and business niche so that they are best able to begin the keyword analysis research. This important step identifies the potential keywords before they are then analyzed for how effectively they will be able to drive the traffic to your site. Our team will be much quicker than many of the alternatives, and will save you money by helping you to tightly target your search engine optimization.

The keyword effectiveness index analysis, provided in the report sent to you at the end of the project will outline which keywords will work best for you, within the niche that you operate in. With so much at risk when this process goes wrong it becomes of the utmost importance that you choose a highly skilled team such as ours to handle this work for you.