Press Release Submissions Press releases follow a news format, and are an ideal SEO technique for marketing your business, products or a newsworthy event that is coming up such as the launch of your business, a product line, or a series of price cuts. Both large and small ventures may benefit from this technique, which may be a powerful tool for converting unique visitors into customers or long term, paying members.

Content must be succinct and punchy, containing sufficient relevant information that it will attract the attention of people who are performing internet searches for terms related to your niche. The need to match search terms means that keywords are important, so that your article gets the exposure that it deserves. Only then will it drive traffic back to your site through the contained back links.

However, these are not normal articles and for submission to directories to be successful they must meet the requirements and exacting standards of the directory itself. For this reason there is a huge benefit to having this work completed professionally by a team such as ours. Many businesses already use this important tool, meaning that you need the head start that a professionally written press release can give you!

Benefits of Press Release Submissions

  • As a search engine optimization tool, press release submissions and their distribution have a long and successful track record in pointing traffic to the intended website
  • Most press release directories hold a high page rank with the popular search engines, so links back from an accepted press release carries a lot of weight
  • Direct targeted traffic to your website-with visitors who are interested in your niche
  • A perfect source of high value links, with no reciprocal links needed
  • The press release distribution service is accessible to almost any budget and carries a promise of results
  • Keyword density is tailored to fit the requirements of the press release directories
  • Press release content is produced by qualified professionals, experienced at highlighting the important facts
  • Press release articles may be used to market a business or website, or a newsworthy event such as a sale.
  • A report is issued to you listing the links to niche websites as well as login information used to submit the press release.
  • Results are quick, with traffic increases beginning from the moment the release has been submitted

Monthly Press Release Submission Packages

Press Release Submission Services
Press Release Submissions 25 50 100 200
400+ Word Press Release Written included included included included
Manual Submission included included included included
Detailed Submission Report included included included included
Submission Time 7 Days 14 Days 25 Days 45 Days
Price Per Submission $2.00 $1.80 $1.75 $1.65
Total Price $50 $90 $175 $325

Our Process for Submitting Press Releases

The skill of writing acceptable press releases takes time to learn, and some may never accomplish it because of the delicate need to push your business or product without using any marketing spiel. Instead your must succinctly and quickly draw in your reader, knowing what information will build their interest and will make them follow your link. 

Before beginning, our professional writers-skilled at the task of creating good press releases-must get to know your business or products and your focus for the article. They then write the piece, adhering to the known rules and guidelines of the directories. Submissions are made by hand to avoid accusations of spam creation. An accepted press release will contain a link back to your website, and with the natural increase in quality links pointing to your site, your page rank will grow.

Thanks to their informational and professional appearance, press releases may also build trust within the online communities, in your brand or product. This powerful tool has worked for many others, and is now at your disposal from our company, to let you achieve the same great results.