Website Optimization Any time that you make a change to your website it may help your performance-but there is also a chance that it can do the opposite and cause you to lose sales. A rank tracking service allows you to follow trends and compare performance to your competitors, allowing you to judge whether a change in performance is because of a change you made, or a seasonal change. You may then choose to capitalize on the change, or reverse it before it costs you even more sales. Rank tracking may be manually done, but this time consuming job can be avoided by using a service such as we offer.

Benefits of Search Rank & Link Tracking

  • Gain the ability to see how the changes that you make affect your site or keyword performance.
  • The generated reports includes your efficiency with all of the most popular search engines.
  • Judge your performance against competitors so that you can see whether fluctuations in performance are seasonal or because of something you’ve done.
  • Gives you the confidence to implement changes in the knowledge that you will know if they are hurting, rather than helping your business.

Search Engine Ranking & Linking Reports

SEO Reporting Services
Total Keywords Tracked 25 50 100 200
Search Rank Tracking included included included included
Inbound Link Analysis included included included included
Rank Results from Google, Yahoo, Bing included included included included
Run Reports On Competition included included included included
Price Per Page Optimized $1.00 $0.90 $0.80 $0.70
Total Price $25 $45 $80 $140

Our Process for Tracking Keyword Rankings

A set of your most important keywords will be tracked to see how efficiently they perform, and this will be combined with your search engine rank for the most popular search engines. When compared to your previous, or a baseline report we will see whether the changes made have helped you, and so know where next to begin working for the future success of your website.