Research has shown that search engines are the most widely used method for generating targeted traffic to your website. This makes having a strong search presence a most for any company serious about internet marketing. Most search engine traffic is directed from the first two result pages, and the more than 70% is from non paid listings. Making prominent organic ranking on the Internet’s major search engines a key element to creating success for your business online. In order to get your website ranked within the first two result pages you must be dedicated to monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Trinacle’s organic search engine optimization services are designed to help grow your search engine rankings, and overall online presence of your business. We achieve this by targeting the correct keywords with on and off site optimization. Finding the correct keywords for your target audience is the first step. After you have selected the correct keywords the next step is create pages and content on your website that is optimized for those keywords. And the final and most important step is to become an authority in the eyes of the search engines for those keywords. This is done by generating links back to your site from wide array of sources including: social media, press releases, articles, blogs, directories, forums and industry related websites. Trinacle’s search engine optimization team has a proven record for getting their clients ranked on the some of the most competitive search terms on the internet

Monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plans & Prices

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Search Engine Optimation Packages
Total Monthly Costs $400 $500 $1000 $2000
Total Keywords Targeted 5 10 20 40
Search Optimized Landing Pages 5 10 20 40
Local Landing Pages (Nationwide) 10 20 40
Social Bookmarking 25 50 250 500
Article Submissions 25 50 100 200
Forum Link Building 25 50 100 200
Blog Comment Links 25 50 100 200
Targeted Niche Links 5 10 20
Press Release Submissions 25 50 100
Directory Submissions 50 100 250 500
Article & Content Writting included included included
Keyword Research
HTML Code Optimization
Ranking & Linking Reports
Total Inbound Links Created 150 335 835 1,670

* Contracts can be cancelled with a 30 day written notice.